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Virtual Consultations

As another lockdown beckons, we would like to reiterate our commitment to provide the best possible service for clients in these testing circumstances. Therefore, we are very pleased to continue to offer our virtual consultation service. 

The first stage will be an introductory call with one of our bespoke tailoring consultants. This will be a conversation about what clothes you usually wear, and what kind of garments you would like going forward. A member of our team will then send you and electronic cloth book, with materials that match your tastes and preferences. 

Once you have found the perfect material and lining, we can go ab out taking your measures. For existing clients, we can take measures previously used. For new clients, we can invite you to use our digital measuring app. This tool enables us to get your exact measurements from the comfort of your own home. 

Following completion of the garments, if COVID 19 restrictions allow, we would then love to invite you to our flagship store for a fitting with our tailoring team. Should the restrictions not allow, we can send the garments directly to your home.