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Our Guide to Business Casual

At McCann Bespoke we are aware that work dress codes are changing. Whether that be in the office, meeting clients or socialising after work. It can be challenging to get business casual right. This article will help to alleviate stress and confusion and will  help you make the right choices when picking your outfit in the morning. 


The most integral aspect of any business casual look is the jacket. The key to picking the right jacket for you is to understand the requirements of your personal situation. For instance, if you are substituting a business casual look when you would have previously worn a suit, then you should always go for a smarter and more structured look for your jacket. A great example of this would be Dormeuil Amadeus Action Jacketing. This bunch has smarter looking designs whilst still keeping the overall look casual. It also has a natural stretch which is great for when one is out and about in town. The style of the jacket should be kept simple with more structured shoulders to keep some form of formality. 

Dormeuil Amadeus Action Jacketing

If you have already been wearing something similar to the above and wish to dress more casually, a good option for you could be a deconstructed jacket without shoulder pads and lining. The key to this look is to choose a material that has a deep texture. Our made to measure range has a wide choice of fabrics in varying textures and added stretch, making them extremely comfortable to wear all day long. 

It’s important to not neglect the season for which you buy your jacket. The weight of the material chosen should be dictated by the season of predominant use, as well as other styling options such as full or half lining. 


If you decide to go for a mis-matching suit option, a white or blue shirt is a must. It is also important that you avoid matching textures with your shirt and jacket. An example of this may be Oxford shirts and Hopsack jackets. If you opt for a more casual style such as jeans, chinos and more deconstructed jackets. A Bamboo or Chambray shirt will give you greater texture while keeping your look fresh and casual. Textured shirts such as these also look great without a jacket. 

As a rule of thumb it is worth remembering that you should only wear single cuff buttoned shirts with casual trousers or jeans. French cuff shirts should only be reserved for suits and formalwear. 

Trousers and Jeans

When purchasing any trousers, it is imperative to dress for your build. For example, if you are of bigger build, wear straight leg, tapered but not skinny fit and always opt for darker colours. It is also important to get the bottom width on the trouser the correct size, so that it has a nice taper, hanging over the lace while not hugging the calf.

McCann Bespoke Chinos Jeans Category

If you are of slimmer or more athletic build, slim or skinny fits can be worn, but it is important to remember the occasion for which you are wearing them. If you opt for a slimmer leg, it is important to choose a material that contains stretch. Good examples of this could be Huddersfield Fine Worsteds Polo Stretch cottons. Alternatively, a great option for stretch trousers are the McCann Bespoke Jeans. With a blend of denim and elastane, these have all the stretch and comfort you require. For a smarter look, choose wool flannel as it offers a different texture against most jackets. 

Shoes & Accessories

Shoes and accessories play a big role in completing your business casual look. The choice of shoe will entirely depend on the formality of your outfit. You can wear brogues and slip ons for a more formal look. Suede is a great option to allow you to look casual but always presentable for any occasion. If you are wearing a casual more deconstructed look, you can opt for smart trainers. At McCann Bespoke, we can cater for any shoe requirements and with our 3d customising tool, you can create shoes that are unique to you. 

Trainer 500x500 1
One of Our Several trainer options, available to customise and buy in our online store.

If wearing a tie, choose more casual options such as a knitted tie, paired with a complementing unfolded and relaxed pocket square.

For any guidance on any of the above, please do not hesitate to book a free consultation with one of our team.