Why McCann

Why McCann

McCann Bespoke was established 15 years ago by Neil McCann and has built an impressive client following globally.

High quality, affordable Bespoke suits, formal wear, shirts, coats and more recently jeans and other casual wear all measured and fitted either at our showroom on Shaftesbury Avenue or by using our visiting service, where we can come to your office or home in and around London and other major cities.

We also have a variety of expertly sourced accessories to compliment the McCann Bespoke range such as ties, Shoes and Cufflinks.

Our consultations are booked online or by telephone and usually take around one hour.   We recommend you wear a suit that you are happy with the fitting, as it enables us to see what you have been wearing in the past.  Bring, or wear the kind of shoes you would be wearing with your garments.  All recommended but not essential for the fitting.

The lead times on suits or tailored garments range between 5-8 weeks, depending on cloth and depth of work involved.  Shirts take around 3-4 weeks.  We can offer a rush service on the above.  The majority of our work (this excludes our hand made suits) are made to completion, where we will do a fitting with the suit and any alterations will then be made to ensure the perfect fit.

Customer service and satisfaction is at the forefront of our brand value and we ensure that our customers are relaxed and are confident in the choices that they make. We have grown our business through word of mouth recommendations, and we feel our customers are our best ambassadors.  We have also been fortunate to dress a number of well known faces, such as Sir Ian Botham, Stuart Broad, Gareth Southgate and in 2016 McCann Bespoke dressed the Leicester City football team, who obviously went on to win the Premier League the same year.

We do hope to welcome you.

Our Tailoring


Made to measure

Our entry into commissioning your own garment.  This suit is machine cut and machine made from an existing block adapted to your measurements.   This suit will be made straight to finish , with machine button holes, lining and edge stitching.  Any alterations will be done on the finished suit.  This is our most affordable service.

General lead time 4-6 weeks


Semi bespoke

This is our half way suit, and has elements of the made to measure and the bespoke.  Measurements are taken and a bespoke block made.  From the bespoke block the suit is then made straight to finish by machine, then finished with hand made button holes, linings and edge stitching.  This is a slightly more streamlined process than that of a bespoke suit.

General lead time 5-8 weeks



This is a bespoke suit service so any customisation or fabric choice is possible.  A bespoke block will be made from your taken measurements and your suit will be made entirely from scratch.  There will be a fitting once the suit has been cut and basted to ensure perfect fit and comfort and any alterations will be made at this stage.  It will them be made and finished by hand.

General lead time 6-10 weeks

Price List

Made to measure

  • 2pc Suit – £600
  • Extra Trouser – £200
  • Waiscoat – £175
  • Jacket – £425
  • Individual Trouser – £225
  • Dinner Suit – £650
  • Morning Coat – £500
  • Overcoat – £600

Semi Bespoke

  • 2pc Suit – £900
  • Extra Trouser – £300
  • Waistcoat – £250
  • Jacket – £650
  • Individual Trouser – £325
  • Dinner Suit – £950
  • Morning Coat – £800
  • Overcoat – £900

Full Bespoke

  • 2pc Suit – £1,500
  • Extra Trouser – £500
  • Waistcoat – £400
  • Jacket – £1,100
  • Individual Trouser – £550
  • Dinner Suit – £1,600
  • Morning Coat – £1,300
  • Overcoat – £1,500


  • Machine stitched Shirt – £140
  • Half Hand Stitched – £200
  • Fully Hand Stitched – £400
  • Multi-buy 4 shirts get 1 free


  • Jacket Waist – £45
  • Sleeve Length (Cuff) – £35
  • Sleeve Length (Shoulder) – £75
  • Coat Length – £75
  • Trouser Waist – £25
  • Trouser Length – £25
  • Narrowing/Widening Trouser – £45

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