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Why Tailored Bespoke Shirts Are the Ultimate Choice for a Perfect Fit and Style

If you intend to bring down a gentleman’s confidence and elegance, give him a shirt that doesn’t fit him perfectly. A perfectly fitted shirt is beyond clothing and fashion.

It is a masterpiece and a statement of elegance and charisma. Wearing a meticulously tailored shirt to your unique measurement and fit transforms you into a world of confidence, glamour, and essence.

Only the finest of tailors can tailor your bespoke shirt to perfection. At McCann Bespoke, we bring you the finest bespoke shirts that combine style and comfort.

Crafting excellence since 2002, our experienced tailors combine tradition with contemporary British tailoring to create shirts that are uniquely yours.

In this guide, we’ll explore the world of bespoke shirts, the benefits of having one tailored to your measurements, and why McCann Bespoke is your best choice for excellent craftsmanship.

The Essence of Bespoke Tailoring: Definition and Distinction

Unlike made-to-measure and off-the-rack shirts, Bespoke shirts are custom-made; they are cut completely from scratch and tailored to fit perfectly.

Creating a bespoke shirt requires a demanding process of multiple fittings and quality craftsmanship. How are bespoke shirts distinct from made-to-measure and off-the-rack shirts?

Made-to-measure shirts are already patterned and adjusted to suit the client’s body and preference. They are partially customized to give it a touch of uniqueness with the fabric choice, collars, cuffs, and other areas within the confinement of the initial pattern.

They offer a better fit than off-the-rack shirts but are not as good as bespoke ones.

Off-the-rack shirts are produced in mass in standard sizes, and they are sold in clothing stores. They are not designed to fit any individual perfectly, as they are made for multiple body types.

No special customization has been made to them. They are more convenient and easy to pick up, unlike bespoke and made-to-measure shirts, which take time to create.

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Crafting a bespoke shirt involves a detailed and personalized process which involves:

Initial consultation: the first step to crafting your perfect bespoke suit is consulting our expert bespoke tailors to discuss your event, style preference, fabric selection, and customization details.

Measurement: after this meeting, the tailor comprehensively measures the client’s body. While measuring the client’s body, the tailor also observes the client’s unique build and features to craft a perfect fit for the client’s body.

Crafting and construction: with the measurement and the fabrics obtained, the tailor begins to craft the shirt meticulously, ensuring that no detail is left out as the shirt is constructed.

First fitting: When the cut pieces of the fabric have been assembled, and the base of the shirt has been developed, the client comes for the first fitting. The tailor notes the areas that must be altered and adjusted to help redefine the fit.

Second fitting: After all the adjustments noted from the first fitting are made, the client comes to try on the shirt again to ensure there are no loopholes.

Final construction: the shirt is finally put together with attention to detail, and all customization features are implemented.

Final fitting and delivery: the client comes to try on the completed shirt again for the last time to ensure it is precisely done and perfectly fits, after which the shirt is delivered.

Why choose a bespoke shirt?

Perfect Fit and Comfort: A bespoke design speaks to perfection and comfort. It is tailored to your exact measurements to give it that flawless and meticulous fit that off-the-rack shirts can’t offer. Bespoke shirts are crafted to blend style and comfort perfectly since they uniquely accommodate every part of your body, giving you ease of movement.

Unique Style and Personalisation: every part of a bespoke shirt is uniquely designed personally for you. The tailors had YOU in mind when the shirt was being crafted, so every customization option, such as fabric, collar, style, cuffs, buttons, and stitching, is done to your preference and taste, giving you a chance to express your style.

Quality and Durability: Premium quality materials and fabrics are often used to make bespoke shirts by experienced and expert tailors who excellently craft the shirt into perfection. Investing in Bespoke shirts ensures durability and timeless style, unlike off-the-rack shirts, which go out of fashion and may not stand the test of time.

Confidence and presence: a perfectly fitted shirt enhances your appearance and confidence, thereby giving you an aura of class and elegance.

The Versatility of Bespoke Shirts

Bespoke Shirts for Every Occasion: one thing that bespoke clothes are known for is their versatility. Bespoke shirts can be tailored for multiple occasions, from formal events to casual settings. With the fabric choice, collar style, cuff type, colors and patterns, and fitness details, bespoke shirts are customized to fit any occasion.

Complementing Your Wardrobe: bespoke shirts are not only meant to be worn as shirts alone; they can also be used as complementary accessories with bespoke jackets and bespoke men’s suits. In pairing, you can achieve a complete and polished look by paying attention to the fabric compatibility, color blend, styles, cut and fit, and the customization patterns on the shirt and the jacket or suit.

Formal Shirts and made-to-measure options

Understanding Formal Shirts: Every gentleman needs a formal shirt in his wardrobe. They are necessary for formal and official events such as business meetings and formal evening events. Here are the key characteristics of formal shirts;

Fabric: The fabric used plays a major role in formalizing the shirt. Fabrics like cotton and breathable and comfortable herringbone are most suitable for a formal shirt.

Collar style: the collar style of a formal shirt should be a spread collar, point collar, button-down collar, or wingtip collar.

Cuffs: French, barrel, or convertible cuffs are most suitable for formal suits.

Fit and cut: formal shirts are best made as slim fit, tapered at the chest and waist area; regular fit, which has a more relaxed and straight cut; or athletic fit, which is slightly wider in the shoulder and chest areas with a tapered waist.

Made to Measure vs. Bespoke:

while made-to-measure and bespoke shirts are both tailored options and offer better fitting than off-the-rack shirts, bespoke shirts offer the highest level of fit, craftsmanship, and satisfaction.

Made-to-measure shirts are made from pre-existing patterns and adjusted to the client’s fit and preference, while bespoke shirts are made from scratch and uniquely crafted specifically for the client’s perfect fit.

Made-to-measure shirts don’t require a detailed, long production process like bespoke ones.

Why McCann Bespoke is Your Best Choice For Bespoke Shirts

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Crafting Excellence Since 2002: when you think of McCann Bespoke, excellent craftsmanship comes to mind. We have a history of offering exceptional services and are dedicated to quality. Regarding bespoke tailoring in London, we are known as tailors with impeccable skills who craft some of the best suits in London.

Contemporary British Tailoring in London: we are renowned for meticulously blending traditional craftsmanship with modern style.

Our skilled and expert tailors use their experience and comprehensive knowledge in British bespoke tailoring to handcraft and construct modern clothing with the highest standards to create a perfect fit for you.

Customer Experience: With McCann Bespoke, we ensure that our customers have a lifetime experience, from making the clothes to wearing them for the occasion.

Our dedication to providing personalized services, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction helps us create excellent shirts that fit clients perfectly.

Our in-store experience is the envy of our peers as we’ve curated the perfect experience by having our own in-house bar meaning you can enjoy a drink or two on us.

How to Find The Right Bespoke Tailors For Your Bespoke Shirts

In the journey of procuring a well-crafted bespoke shirt, the first step you need to take is ensuring you find the right tailor for the job.

Reading customers’ reviews and testimonials about the tailor’s craftsmanship and services, seeking recommendations and referrals, considering the tailor’s years of experience and expertise in bespoke tailoring, and checking out their customization options and pricing transparency are some of the tips you need to have to help you find the right bespoke tailors near you.

McCann Bespoke’s Commitment: We are committed to delivering quality and excellent customer service at McCann Bespoke. Since 2002, we have been crafting excellence, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary British tailoring to ensure our clients have a personalized experience with the services of our experienced and expert tailors.

The Process of Getting a Bespoke Shirt at McCann Bespoke

Initial Consultation: Our process of crafting a perfectly bespoke shirt begins with a consultation meeting with our tailor, during which you discuss the details of the style you want, the customization, the fabric and materials to be used, and so on.

Our tailor also takes your measurements to ensure the shirt is perfectly tailored to your fit and preference.

Fittings and Adjustments: we ensure multiple fitting sessions for a perfectly crafted shirt. In the fittings process, the tailor observes the shirt on your body and adjusts it to meet your expectations and taste.

Final delivery: Once you are satisfied with the tailored shirt, we will arrange the delivery of your perfectly crafted bespoke shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between bespoke and made-to-measure shirts?

A bespoke shirt is crafted from scratch, specifically designed with the client’s measurement and for the client’s preference and perfect fit. In contrast, a made-to-measure shirt is already patterned before readjustment to body and preference.

Yes, they are better options than off-the-rack shirts as they both provide fit and customization, but bespoke shirts offer a far higher level of fit, craftsmanship, and customization than made-to-measure shirts.

How long does it take to get a bespoke shirt?

The duration of a bespoke shirt varies based on factors like the complexity of the style and design, customization options, number of fittings, speed, and expertise of the tailors.

But at McCann Bespoke, the whole process of crafting your bespoke shirt takes between 6-8 weeks. We also offer express services in cases where your garments are needed urgently.

What should I expect during the fitting process?

The fitting process involves the client trying on the shirt at every step of tailoring to ensure it fits perfectly.

Having a bespoke shirt is a sure way of elevating your wardrobe. With a bespoke shirt, you are certain of a perfect fit tailored to your exact measurements, premium fabrics and durable materials, and unparalleled comfort and style. Investing in a bespoke shirt enhances your look and confidence.

To get a bespoke shirt that speaks perfection and excellent craftsmanship and to experience contemporary British tailoring, schedule a consultation with us at McCann Bespoke. You can call us on 020 3904 6506 to book your appointment.