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Shirts – Why Choose Bespoke?

The New Year is here! Resolutions, fresh starts and new styles are all in abundance, yet with Christmas over maybe the bank balance isn’t quite so offering.

There are different ways to spruce up your suiting attire for heading back to work in these grey January days. The diets and exercise may come and go but a simple upgrade to your business wardrobe to help you look and feel fresh is a sure winner. The most effective way to do this is with your shirting. A simple change in shirt style, colour, or collar and cuff area can give you all the confidence you need to strive for those new work achievements.

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Shirts are often a garment that men will buy in abundance; as these are worn more-so than the jacket. So for that slight New Year, New You Look in the office opt for one of these suggestions and how these will change up your suit look.

People may often go to the high street stores and buy many in bulk, however we calculated due to the fabrics used and quality of a high street shirt that it will last you a wear of 6 months, wearing it once a week. If you are buying the shirt at around £40 it will be costing you around £1.90 per wear.

However with a bespoke made to measure shirt with our high quality strong fabric and handmade quality at £150 wearing it once a week for 2 years is often how long a daily shirt according to our customers last for if not longer will cost you around £1.44 per wear for a year and half longer in use.

Here are some of our colour, cuff and collar choices for 2019:

If its the white shirt your getting bored of, or just want to inject a bit of colour into your suiting, pastel hues are a great way to do this. Blues and pinks are particularly easy to move straight into your wardrobe if you are wearing blue and grey suits as they complement these tones easily.

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Subtle thin stripes or subtle checks are a good alternative to a classic plain shirt. Stripes can often give the viewer the illusion of a slimmer look, which may be just what is required post-Christmas. A check can make your look more casual, as with the second option below this could be a calmer look to your smart-casual look and could be worn without a jacket or tie.

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If your not keen on the pastel colours or the patterns. Why not go the cooler alternatives. The right shade of grey can look effortless with a dark navy suit or pale blue suit. We wouldn’t advise going double grey, but with the right hue it can look very contemporary. A grey often works perfectly with a waistcoat. Another option is a straight up dark navy shirt, worn with or without a tie, however with tie options being more limited. Its the more casual of the alternatives, to be worn with lighter garments; perhaps with cream chinos, a grey suit etc. It will give you a sharp refreshing back to the office look, that will clean up your attire.

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If changing up your shirt colour or injecting some patterns isn’t for you, another effective way to make a change up your wardrobe is to experiment with collar styles, we have chosen ones that can be worn with or without a tie.

Spread Collar – Can be worn without a tie.

Its one of the most common collars which comes in a variety of angles and points. “Spread” refers to the distance between the collar points.

Forward Point Collar – Can not be worn without a tie.

This the most traditional choice and perhaps the most classic “business look”. This collar in recent years has been less popular due to people like the casual choice these days of not having to wear a tie. inability to be worn without a tie.

Tab Collar – Can not be worn without a tie

This has a tab that goes from mid collar point to mid collar point, normally with a popper that is then covered by a tie. Its keeps the points close together and looking neat and tidy.

Cut a way – can not be worn with out a tie

Designed to be worn with a very large tie knot, the cutaway collar takes its name from the fact that it literally looks like someone “cut away” part of the fabric. Think of it as an extreme spread collar that has become very contemporary and popular in recent years.

Button down – Can not be worn without a tie.

This collar used to be another traditional collar, however these days it is often seen to be sported with more casual suiting.

Club Collar – Can be worn without a tie.

The club collar is a unique style that came from an English boarding school that was looking for a way to differentiate its students from the rest. It peaked in the 1930s and has enjoyed a recent revival due to period shows like “Mad Men.”

Another upgrade could be to your cuffs. See the image below.

If you looking for an update to your wardrobe do not hesitate to get in touch with your tailor or if you are new client you can book an appointment via our new booking system online.

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