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Seersucker – A Great Option for a Summer Wardrobe.

If you want a great alternative summer lighter weight fabric to wool, seersucker can be a great choice.  The origin of the word “Seersucker” came into the English language via Hindi and originates from the words shîr and shakar, which litterally translates as “milk and sugar”. This is due to the smooth and bumpy texture resembling milk (smooth) and sugar (bumpy).

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Seersucker was a popular choice in hot, humid British colonies such as on the sub-continent. It gained further popularity when it was introduced to the USA. Seersucker clothing such as suits, shirts and trousers were a mainstay in any gentlemen’s wardrobe in the southern states. 

Its lighter weight composition is ideal for warmer climates as it is very breathable and doesn’t crease in humidity like other fibers such as wool.


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The most common design comes in light blue and white stripe, although other designs include navy, red and green and this effect was originally produced using alternating silk and cotton warps. When this was washed, the cotton shrank while the silk remained the same, therefore creating the characteristic wrinkles. Nowadays, instead of expensive silk, cotton is commonly used.

There are two benefits to the wrinkled effect. Firstly, seersucker doesn’t crease as technically it’s already creased, which creates added durability and makes it ideal for travelling. Secondly, its natural puckering also creates extra pockets of air as the fabric sits off the layer beneath, allowing for increased air circulation and breathability.

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With all of this in mind, this makes seersucker the stand out choice for the perfect summer material, whether that’s used in suits, shirts or trousers, so go ahead and give it a go…You wont regret it.

Seersucker jackets start from £400 for Made to Measure and £850 for Semi Bespoke