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Francois Hougaard

We welcomed Francois Houggard into the shop last week for a new bespoke suit. He’s a professional South African rugby union rugby player who is currently playing for Worcester Warriors. Here he is below in all his glory:

McCann Bespoke Francois Hougaard 4

Jack talked Francois through all of the cloths, designs, linings trimmings and colour ways for his bespoke suit.

McCann Bespoke Francois Hougaard 5
McCann Bespoke Francois Hougaard 6

We have made suits for rugby players in the past such as Jamie Roberts, and they are always an intriguing shape to fit and work with for their specific physique. We have often found that they can find it very difficult to find suits off the peg that fit them even remotely well.

McCann Bespoke Francois Hougaard 2

Our tailor Jack made sure to measure him with the utmost precision to make sure he gets the best fitting suit for his shape. Jack went full bespoke in this aspect, which means there will be in interim fitting with a baste suit so that the suit can truly be moulded to his shape.

Jack had a lovely time with Francois and we are excited to see the outcome.

McCann Bespoke Francois Hougaard 3