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Adding to Your Wardrobe with Classical and Casual Tailoring.

Classical tailoring 

Classic two or three-piece suits are the backbone of the modern gentleman’s wardrobe.  Whether they are to be worn in the office or for smart occasions, we can cater for any requirements and create tailored clothing that compliments your character. For example, a plain navy single- or double-breasted suit, a flannel lounge suit or something more relaxed for informal dinners.


We can style the garments in any way our clients like, but the majority choose our house style which is single breasted two button. We choose the cut of the garment with a view to which cut will be more flattering on the client, and which will best match the intended purpose of the suit. The beauty of a truly great suit is the diversity of occasion it can be used for if it has been designed and constructed in the correct way. 

We can also create the most amazing formal wear suits, whether it be for weddings, dinner suits, white tie or Royal Ascott. More recently we have seen the resurgence in midnight blue dinner suits and velvet jackets which are both sophisticated and timelessly elegant. 

Casual Tailoring 

With the world constantly evolving, so has tailoring and new styles. As workplaces and trends in fashion have de-formalised, we have seen a surge in demand for casual tailoring.  Chiefly, casual jackets, jeans and chinos. 


More casual items are also extremely popular for holiday getaways.  For trips to hotter climates, we suggest making ups lightweight half lined suits, in tropical-weight open weave non-creasing fabrics in pale colours which look great in a more casual style with trainers or shoes.

You will find that bespoke casual items are a fine investment. The casual aspect means that these items are mailable to all occasions. From holidays, to work, to eating out, to sports events such as Wimbledon. Moreover, the bespoke aspect ensures longevity of the clothing itself.  On average, bespoke clothing lasts 3 times longer than its off the peg counterparts, keeping more money in your pocket in the long run.