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5 Reasons to Invest in Bespoke Clothing

Do you want to stand a cut above the rest? Bespoke suits attracts a higher price tag than their high street counterparts, but there are numerous benefits of investing in a personalised tailored piece that ensure your investment will be one of high value for your money. See the advantages of a full bespoke garment and why the perfection of a unique tailored suit is worth your investment:

#1 Perfection Of Fit

The stages of creating your bespoke garment include a comprehensive measuring process that takes in every inch of your physique – producing a suit that responds perfectly to your body. Bespoke clothing will contain embellishments that you won’t find elsewhere, like hand-stitched details and flexible cuffs and collars – all designed to produce a comfortable and intricate garment. 

#2 The Bespoke Experience

A Savile Row tailor can offer an unique experience, Within our prestigious store, you can spend afternoons being attended to by the most skilled tailors in the industry, learning more about the art of tailoring and watching the fascinating process of crafting a bespoke garment unfold before your eyes. Bespoke tailor appointments are like no other – and a premium experience you won’t find elsewhere.

#3 Enjoy Long-Lasting Quality

The in-depth process involved in creating bespoke clothing yields high quality garments that have a long-standing life. You’ll find that your bespoke suits last longer than their high street counterparts, remaining a vital and consistent part of your wardrobe for years to come even as the clothes on the railings surrounding it change over time. 

#4 Indulge In Intricate Details

Make your suit stand out, with high quality finishings that will set you apart in the crowd. When you invest in a bespoke suit you have complete control over the intricate detailing that can make it  completely unique to you – meaning you can add in as many embellishments and details as you desire. Hand-stitched features, additional pockets, luxury linings – there are an unlimited number of style elements that can enhance your suit.

#5 Premium Aesthetic

Flattering, modern and fashionable – a bespoke suit is a trendy garment that will truly make you stand out. Your final piece will reflect the time, passion and craftsmanship poured into it by our skilled tailors and leave you with a piece of clothing that has a luxury and prestigious appearance – instilling you with complete confidence when you wear it. 


Once you’ve decided to invest in your luxury garment our specialists can begin the bespoke process, securing you an initial fitting appointment at our prestigious store on Savile Row. To book, get in touch with us today by calling 02071860320 or filling out our contact form, here.