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The McCann Bespoke Plan for Sustainability.

As a species we find ourselves at a crossroads. Our consumptions habits are unsustainable and changes must be made soon to avoid a rapid deterioration of quality of life for generations to come.

While talk of air travel and burning of fossil fuels understandably dominate headlines, one ‘silent killer’ that is rapidly and unsustainably plundering our planet of its resources is the fashion industry – More specifically, fast fashion. 

The impact that fast fashion has placed on our planet is stark. Today, the fashion industry accounts for more than 10% of global C02 emissions, more than air travel. An underpinning reason for this is the limited life expectancy of items. For instance, in the UK the average expectancy for of a garment is 2.2 years. As a result, a staggering 12.8 million tonnes is sent to landfills every year. 

Image: The Ellen Macarthur Foundation.

At McCann Bespoke, our vision is to do our part in helping the industry turn a significant corner, and end the frivolous siege on our planet and its resources. We always aim to give our clients products, that, if treated well, will last for life. This is achieved by making well made, high quality products for clients, while offering continual use of our alterations service, to account for changes to body shape over time. 


Another of our key aims is to take tailored clothing to a more affordable price point. Earlier this year, we announced our made to measure range. These items are made to your measures and are constructed for longevity of use. With prices for made to measure suits very similar to off the peg equivalents, we are confident that we can make bespoke, more sustainable clothing available to a variety of budgets. The third aspect to our sustainable strategy is that of recycled fabrics. Shortly we will be offering our clients fabrics for garments, that consist of 100% recycled ocean plastic. 

Overall, there is much to do in fashion’s quest for sustainability. However, with our model of more affordable products that last for life, alongside the rollout of recycled fabrics, we are confident that McCann Bespoke can lead the transition to a sustainable fashion industry.