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Mensware AW19 Trends

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Menswear shows are done and dusted and we’ve just had the flurry of the womenswear end last week. We have picked three of our favourite designers of the season E. Tautz, Off White and Daniel Fletcher.

We kick start with tonal colours of earthy blues and greens, quite deep in their nature. In which throughout the whole E. Tautz collection the colours oozed a great deepness that transformed their smart casual mix matched looks. We found this was key, particularly in terms of our customers, thinking of how to pair corduroy trousers with a lovely check bamboo casual check jacket. Which could sound over the top but as you can see in the look below, this mix match in the same colour but in different tones makes a quirky chic weekend look. If you see yourself as a modern man you could go slightly oversized in your look yet still throw a scarf over your shoulder but perhaps minus the E. Tautz shoes and your ready to go.

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Now we get into the suits. McCann Bespoke have already become a keen fan of the turtle neck under a suit so seeing looks like this at Off White we truly enjoyed. We wouldn’t normally suggest a three button, but if your fancy a slight change up to your look this can be a nice way to go.

McCann Bespoke Menswear AW19 Trends 4

Double breasted seems to be fast on the revival we have noticed, we have even just got a few made up for our mannequins in the new store. Below were two of our favourite twists on the double breasted.

Below in a classic windowpane flannel yet with oversized lapels and bagger than an oxford bag trouser! What we can take from it to use in everyday is the styling. With the lovely burnt orange tie paired with the light grey windowpane.

Daniel Fletcher had more slimmer fitted garments and took a more casual turn with the double breasted as it can often be associated with much smarter wear. We particularly liked this chic clean looking double breasted thats just the two buttons side by side. Keeps it very simple, almost in a single breasted format yet is teamed with patch pocket to give it that casual look.

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McCann Bespoke Menswear AW19 Trends 6

A trend that’s currently ruling womenswear that has bowed over into the menswear shows for autumn/winter 2019 is the trench coat’s billowing silhouette.

Carrying on with their fondness of oversized proportions these coats didn’t look out of place and blended in nicely with the rest of the collection. The colours from E. Tautz pulling through beautifully again, keeping earthy tones similar which we would suggest going forward with to our clients.

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Layering has clearing been key to all these looks and its something that can truely be pushed in smart casual wear. A jumper over a shirt with a smart yet loose flowing coat, a single breasted jacket with open trench, even in the more casual area for the younger after work vibe; a hoody over a shirt tie with smart wool coat on top.

its truly about having fun with your wardrobe, which in this weather its much easier to play about with layering and being inspired by these lovely colours.

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