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An Evening with Heroes

We hosted an event. Jack Mann, is a fabulous SF veteran with a string of missions, some of which he spoke about with Paul Beaver, the renowned historian, writer and broadcaster. He is a truly a remarkable man. Born in Cairo and now a 94 year old living in England he lied about his age to get into the army, Jack is a marvel with languages which made him invaluable to the intelligence services. He keeps young by swims regularly and is still amazing at languages.

He was working as a radio operator when he was sent secretly Fernando Po in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and neutral Spanish territory. He is the last surviving special boat squadron member of that raid. There is a film version of operation called ‘Sea Wolves’ with Gregory Peck, David Niven and Roger Moore.

The team was established by Winston Churchill in response to the defeat on mainland Europe in the winter of 1939. Its members were the first ‘deniable’ secret operatives to strike behind enemy lines, meaning that if caught, the British government could deny all knowledge of them. They sneaked behind enemy lines to kidnap and kill top Nazi commanders, went undercover as SS officers, drove enemy vehicles and wielded German Schmeisser submachine guns, and even robbed banks to fund operations while rampaging across occupied Europe.

We hosted cocktails from the Arbikie Highland Estate, who are the makers of superb gin and vodka.

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