Staying Active During Lockdown – With Personal Trainer Zoe Poluck

Staying Active During Lockdown – With Personal Trainer Zoe Poluck

At a time where we are being encouraged to stay at home, it is now more important than ever to keep active and stay healthy.

During this Winter lockdown it seems that all the days are rolling into one. When deciding what form of exercise to. do, I will choose something that keeps each day new and exciting for me, as well as giving me something to look forward to.

Not only does performing some kind of daily physical activity improve our health, but it also contributes to improving our mental well-being by reducing anxiety, negative moods and decreasing stress. As well as keeping you active, getting up and exercising also provides some structure to your day – a concept I welcome with open arms.

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When working from home, or for those who are unable to work at the moment, physical activity can provide you with a greater purpose. You are more than a robot who must sit at their desk all day, more than that dent you have permanently cast into your couch!

Use your body for what it was created to do; be sprightly, take advantage of the great outdoors, let yourself move, and in turn it will look after you.