bespoke Tailoring Services

We’re all about getting to know you; your tastes, your preferences and the demands of your world. Only then can we create the personal look and feel that lets you consistently present your best, most authentic self. We run to 21st-century timescales, so if you need something fast, you’ll get it fast. However we are thoughtful too, you’ll often find us coming up with ideas and suggestions designed to help you look your best in every situation.



Hand drafted & cut patterns from your measurements & cloth, fully hand stitched & hand finished. Full floating canvas hand pad stitched.



Bespoke pattern CAD design & cloth cut, machine made, hand finished with linings & collar & sleeves with half canvas hand pad stitched.




exquisite craftsmanship

We never forget where we came from or why we’re here. We’re painstaking (not precious) about every last detail of everything we do. You’ll find sublime craftsmanship in every single stitch and you’ll find the same attention to detail in all the client relationships we craft too.