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what to expect

  • Garment will take between 6-8 weeks (Express service is always available)

  • First appointment will be a guided selection process, to include choice of your ideal cloth, style and fit.

  • This is followed by an in-depth measuring session, so our tailor can fully map your body shape.

  • We invite you back in 6-8 weeks’ time to try on your garment for the first time.

  • The garment is now ready to be worn, subject to any minor alterations that may be necessary (One week lead time).

  • If alterations are needed we will then invite you back for your final fitting to ensure complete satisfaction.



  • Semi Bespoke is made entirely to your measurements and specifications and crafted from scratch.

  • Ideal choice of service for speed and ease as the garment is made straight to finish (no intermediate fitting required).

  • We use the latest state-of-the-art CAD software to cut the pattern, which generates exact measures and ultra-high precision.

  • The garment features a half canvas and will be half pad stitched.

  • The arms, lining, all the internals, finishings, cuffs and collar are hand stitched to give flexibility and comfort. All the long seams are stitched by machine for strength and durability.

  • Lining, button-holes and edge stitching are all finished by hand.

  • Ease, Speed, Accuracy, Bespoke, Affordable



  • 2pc Suit – From £1000

  • Extra Trouser – From £300

  • Waistcoat – From £250

  • Jacket – From £700

  • Individual Trouser – From £325

  • Dinner Suit – From £1050

  • Morning Coat – From £800

  • Overcoat – From £900