full Bespoke


WHY choose full bespoke?

The process of full bespoke tailoring produces a one-off, unique garment by measuring every inch of your physique to produce hand-cut and hand-drawn patterns. No fusing (glue) is used which gives a more natural finish - the more you wear it, the better it fits. The arms, lining, button holes, finer details, cuffs and collar are all hand stitched to give flexibility and comfort.   



The initial appointment is a relaxed, guided selection process of cloth, trimmings, style and fit. This is followed by a detailed measuring process to allow your tailor to fully determine your body shape and the desired purpose of the garment. 

The ‘baste’ fitting is an additional appointment in 4 -6 weeks after your initial appointment. At this stage, your garment has been hand cut and tacked together and the canvas, stitching and fine details are visible, with the lining yet to be added. An in-depth consultation then takes place with your tailor to assure that you are 100% satisfied with your fit and garment. 

At 'final fitting', the garment is complete. All changes have been made from baste fitting. The garment is ready to be worn and enjoyed.



2pc Suit – From £1,600

Extra Trouser – From £500

Waistcoat – From £400

Jacket – From £1,200

Individual Trouser – From £550

Dinner Suit – From £1,650

Morning Coat – From £1,400

Overcoat – From £1,500