• Second skin, made entirely to your accurate measurements, with every inch of your physique taken into account.

  • Fully canvassed and hand-pad stitched (canvas gives the garment shape and structure)

  • Classic technique, includes hand-cut and hand-drawn patterns

  • Greater number of measurements taken, which allows for more maneuverability within the pattern. Especially good for sportsmen and those with more robust physiques

  • No fusing (glue used) gives a more fluid finish – garment moulds to you the more you wear it.

  • The arms, lining, all internals, finishings, cuffs and collar are hand stitched to give flexibility and comfort. All long seams are machine stitched for strength and durability.

  • Lining, button-holes and edge stitching all finished by hand.

  • “The full bespoke puts you in ultimate shape”

  • Quality, Crafted, Bespoke, Unique.



  • 2pc Suit – From £1,600

  • Extra Trouser – From £500

  • Waistcoat From £400

  • Jacket From £1,200

  • Individual Trouser – From £550

  • Dinner Suit – From £1,650

  • Morning Coat From £1,400

  • Overcoat From £1,500




  • Garment will take up to and between 8-12 weeks (Express service is always available)

  • First appointment will be a guided selection process to include choice of your perfect cloth, trimmings, style and fit.

  • This is followed by an in-depth measuring session, to allow our tailor to fully map your body shape.

  • We will invite you back in 4 -6 weeks’ time for your Baste Fitting. As this stage, the garment has been hand cut and tacked together. The canvas, pad stitching and all internals are visible as the lining has yet to be added.

  • The Inlays (excess material cut on the inside of the garment) have yet to be trimmed down which allows for major changes and alterations taken from original measures.

  • An in-depth consultation then takes place between the tailor and yourself to see that you are 100% happy with the fit of the garment.

  • (Option to have forward fitting available) Final fitting, the garment is completely finished. All changes have been made from Baste fitting, with the lining added and the finishing completed. Garment is ready to be worn.