We normally have the pleasure of seeing different sports personalities in and around the shop and we were very happy to see a new client in his brand new bespoke suit and to welcome back an old one.

In the past few months we've had the great opportunity of fitting and making a bespoke suit for the welsh rugby player Jamie Roberts.  As all rugby players are, they are a very interesting shape to work with and to try and tailor to.

Jamie opted for a great grey suit with a subtle check going through. Its a lightweight fabric to get Jamie through many occasions.   


As its fully bespoke the more Jamie wears it, the better it will look and feel and mould more to his body. We paired it with a very dark navy blue silk tie, which rounds the look off nicely. 

Darren Gough who we are more than happy to welcome back in the shop, had come to collect his suit after two years of it being waiting for him in the shop. Least to say though, it still fitted like a dream.  


He may have decided to style it and rock it in a certain way; with the tan coloured high tops, along with keeping the trousers longer as he wanted the baggier look. Perfect for the ex-cricketer and radio star.

If you'd like to check look like a sports star, book an appointment on our new online system and see where they like to get dressed.

Sophie-Nicol Dodds