Seersucker has always been a key cloth in my eyes. Its a subtle simple luxury cloth that oozes summer style straight from the outset. And in recent seasons it has been on the rise in popularity. 


Particularly with this heat wave we are experiencing it also lends itself as a performance cloth due to its breathability. Its a thin cloth that is woven in a way that makes the threads bunch together to give a wrinkled/puckered appearance in places. The warp is deliberately shrunk in which this feature causes the fabric to be mostly held away from the skin when worn, which means it vacillates heat dissipation and air circulation. Which makes its the perfect summer party attire. It also means pressing is not necessary so an easy to take care of cloth for as suit.

Here you shall see we have recently made this bengal pale blue stripe seersucker suit for a very good client of ours. Which is in its most commonly used colour and pattern.


During the British colonial period seersucker was made popular in Britain's warmer weather colonies like British India and when it was first introduced in America it was considered a favourite of the gentleman of the deep south, and now often considered quite conservative.

We have used a Loro Piana cloth for the suit for our client which is a superfine wool and silk version of the seersucker that has a cult status in the tailoring world. It offers everything a cotton seersucker does but with better drape as it weighs 220g a meter.


There are obviously other versions of the seer sucker you can go for, that don't shout the summer heat as seen below in these three options, particularly a unique one is the peaked lapel double breasted in a dark navy:

If you'd like one of these beautiful suits made up, do not hesitate to get in touch. They have been sported by many the famous stylish man in the past such as Gregory Peck in to Kill a Mockingbird, James Stewart, even Ronald Regan the list can go on; but its safe to say its firm fashion statement that goes down in subtle way.


If your thinking this full summer suit look is starting you off too soon on seersucker, there are other options you can go for. A seersucker shirt for example is great to wear for holidays around the pool or walking around seeing the cites and therefore pairing it with other cloths and textures in a darker material or linen suit perhaps.

Sophie-Nicol Dodds