Cravats are such a versatile neck accessory, but more often than not, even the most fashion-savvy of gentleman shy away from them. Why? Because there’s so many rules to this scarf/tie hybrid. When should you wear it? How is it meant to look? Are there any pattern rulings I need to adhere to? Never fear – we’ve put together an all encompassing guide to help you put your neck on the line.

Breaking Down Barriers

Cravats used to be synonymous with the ‘cultured’ man – perhaps at one point you even had to dress a little quirky to get away with wearing a cravat. Nowadays, things are a little different. Sure, you will undoubtedly have some quirk to your everyday attire, but you don’t have to dress up in a suit for work everyday to make the most out of this accessory.

Lets take baby steps; this image below shows a quite toned down cravat option. We create this look by wearing a cravat similar to the colour of the shirt or the jacket. A nice way to ramp up the style levels a little is by adding a pocket square of a similar or contrasting pattern. Check out the image below for style inspiration.

Showing Off Your Cravat

People have a tendency to think if you’re wearing a cravat it has to be the highlighting point of your outfit – the truth is, it doesn’t. Lets take a look at the image below as an example. The highlight of the gentleman’s outfit is his knitted yellow waistcoat. He has also fitted his cravat in a way that it doesn’t ruffle outside of his collar. This particular look adds another level of style and helps bring an outfit to life. What we’re showing you here is a slightly bolder look than the muted tones of the first style and is perhaps the gateway to a totally different style.

Does It Have To Be Tucked Into A Shirt? 

Not at all – you can miss the tucking into the shirt stage completely and tuck it straight into the waistcoat. We really like this option; it’s very Ascot-esque. This look is best to be worn in a dressier environment – primarily because waistcoats aren’t everyday wear.

The Wedding Cravat

Lets not forget that before the age of wearing cravats as everyday wear, they were very much an accessory reserved for weddings. Even though this particular look is deemed a little too traditional for some, with grooms and groomsmen opting for a tie, the wedding cravat is still popular among many. So, what are the benefits of wedding cravats? Well, as we mentioned, the cravat adds a touch of traditional vintage to your look. It turns your look into something more special than a nice suit and looks great paired with a tailcoat.

Cravats Aren’t Just For Men

Sure, women don’t wear cravats in the same way that men do, but they’re still very cool for female fashionistas. Cravats can be worn as a cool head accessory, or just as a light scarf on a summers day. We’ll leave you to Pinterest scroll through all of the cool cravat looks, but we’ve picked out our favourite, below, for a bit of male/female fashion inspiration!

Sophie-Nicol Dodds