With the new season quickly approaching, here at McCann Bespoke, we thought it’d be a good idea to talk you through our best dressed footballers. With access to the worlds very best clothing, it’s no surprise footballers have a fashionable reputation; some choose the slick suited look, others opt for a more casual look. We’ve picked our top three suited and booted gentleman and given you some top tips on how to achieve their enviable look…

1. David Beckham

David Beckham is the go-to guy when it comes to fashion inspiration. He attends and endless array of exclusive events, so it’s important for him to ensure his style is consistent, but different every time. Ok, ok, we all remember his fashion faux pas – and maybe we have his fashion maven wife, Victoria, to thank for his slick style nowadays, but either way – we love it!

What we’ve noticed about David Beckham’s suit style is that he likes to keep it simple; and simple, in most people’s books = sophisticated. His suits are mostly made of block colours – he particularly favours navy blue – and he plays it safe with simple pairing colours – like in the image above. The good news is that this look suits pretty much everybody. By opting for a slim fit suit when picking out your initial styling, you’ll ensure that David Beckham’s clean cut look washes off on you! It’s ok to get a bit inventive with your tie options if you’re going for a plain suit. David Beckham is rocking the ever-popular knitted tie in the picture above. Get the look by clicking here.

2. Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry’s fashion credibility is not up for question. He doesn’t play by the rules – his suits are often a little bit out there, and that’s why we like him. The Arsenal striker turned pundit always looks effortlessly sharp on Sky, making him a clear winner for our coveted (yes, coveted) number 2 position.

Where David Beckham gives us a touch of classic British sophistication, Thierry Henry gives us more of a fashionable French masterclass; France is renowned for its fashion the world over for a reason. This slick suit looks effortless – and that’s perhaps why we like it so much – it isn’t too fussy, but it’s still a little different from the standard suits you’ll see everyday. This pattern works best as Thierry has worn it – with a simple shirt, a tie that matches the suit’s primary colour and a nice pocket square to finish the look off.

Pep Guardiola

As the new season approaches, there’s a new manager in town, and he’s looking to steal the title of most fashionable Premier League manager! Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola has got touchline fashion down to a tee, and we’re very grateful!

A smart jumper under a suit is something we’re seeing more and more of lately – and we love it. Ok, it’s not a summer look – but don’t you worry, winter is fast approaching! In the UK, sometimes you just need that extra layer, and if you’re going to pull it off like Pep Guardiola, then why not! The rules of wearing a jumper under a suit are actually really simple:

  • Both dark and light jumpers work really well – but dark suits look better with a jumper generally (primarily because light suits are synonymous with summertime!)
  • Opt for a slight v-neck on your jumper to highlight the tie. Crew necks do work, but offer you a more casual overall look.
  • If you want to really show off, why not contrast your jumper to the inside of your suit jacket. Pep Guardiola is a master at this – we’re thinking dark purple shirt, light purple lining – simple!

So there you have it – our top three most fashionable footballing stars! Want to get their look? We can help! Just click here to book an appointment where we can discuss the perfect suit for you. On top of that, we’re hugely excited about being official suit sponsors for both Leicester City FC & Stoke City FC this coming season – so keep an eye out!

Sophie-Nicol Dodds