A client came to us and wanted some very special images made into a lining for both of his fully bespoke-made jackets. It was designed in-store from him sending the photos over and then Sophie-Nicole generated a repeated pattern page on adobe photoshop that could be then be sent to print onto the chosen lining fabric. There were two images for two jackets, one of his late wife, and the second of his sons.


The company we chose to print the lining with was Surface Pattern Print in Manchester, who were very great to communicate with and gave us a great speedy process. The quality of the printed image onto the viscose white lining was superb. 

Our workshop then beautiful hand cut and hand constructed the lining, making sure the images were to be placed specifically in the best places that complimented the inside of the jacket. Every images was treated so that it would not look lost or silly with the surrounding pockets.

We have another printed lining project coming up that will be a generated illustration for the Dambusters for a specific event. So keep on the look out the next blog post.

Sophie-Nicol Dodds