With Spring/Summer 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your Spring wardrobe. Summer clothes are starting to appear in high street shops and we’re seeing an increase in lighter fabrics being chosen for our suits, but what styles should you try, and what styles should you avoid?

White Trousers

The idea of white trousers might not be at the top of everyone’s most wanted lists, but that doesn’t mean they should be avoided. Paired with a dark navy shirt or a pop of colour, white trousers can form a great hybrid between laid-back & formal. The below image shoes some great ways to wear this key trend. Sure, it’s a bold look, but one we’d recommend trying out.

Baggy Trousers

Unlike the white trouser trend, we aren’t so keen on baggy trousers. A few pairs of baggy trousers made it through to the runway last year, but never translated to a mass audience. A number of big players featured baggy trousers as a key part of their runway show, with Craig Green even adding a quilted element to the style. We’re still fans of the well-fitted, tailored suit and this trend doesn’t really allow for clever tailoring.


This is a trend we can always get on board with. The most popular coloured suits we create are black, blue and grey. If you’re looking for something a little different without completely breaking down the fashion barriers, a grey suit can offer you that in a way that a black suit simply cannot. Warmer months usually bring in a wide range of colours, but this year it, surprisingly, hasn’t. How is this different from any other year? Well, we’re glad you asked; the use of different shades of grey and textures have created a unique SS16 space for this ‘different’ type of grey. Image from GQ.


Again, we like this. Green has been around on the catwalks for a few seasons, but this season it exploded onto the runway. The reason we like this and we haven’t in previous years is because of the way it has been done. Head-to-toe green is not a good look, but it seems designers have realised that. As a result, what we’ll see this year is hints of green; a green peacoat, a green tie or a green shirt. Remember, accents of colour is a lot more pleasing on the eye that a head-to-toe green look. Another picture from GQ below…

Sophie-Nicol Dodds