We understand; wearing a patterned suit is quite a bold move; perhaps it’s a little bit outside of your comfort zone? Or completely out of your comfort zone? Don’t worry – we’re on hand to talk you through how to pull-off this highly sought after look, with a little help from some celebrity advocates…

Windowpane Suits

This is probably the boldest of the patterned suit options, but it doesn’t have to be. When thinking about windowpane suits, many people see thick lines drawn onto unflattering fabrics. Enter McCann Bespoke. Toning down the lines of your suit can look fantastic, take Jon Hamm for example…

This laid back look has an air of sophistication to it that a standard suit might not offer – especially in the beige. The thin, simple lines aren’t quite as scary as the first images that come to mind when faced with the thought of a windowpane suit. So, when do you wear a suit like this? We don’t recommend it for everyday work wear, it’s more of a ‘special occasion’ suit. It’s a look suitable for after work drinks or (if you’re planning on wearing beige), a summer cocktails evening. If you’re going dark, wear this with a pair of simple brogues. If you’re thinking beige is for you, try a pain of loafers for a chilled out look.

Striped Suits

This type of suit is fairly tame in the complex world of patterned suits. It’s quite common for the modern, fashionable gentleman to own a striped suit. As Ryan Gosling shows us, below, the striped suit offers a 1920s throwback. A striped suit was the original ‘business suit’ for the flashier man, nowadays, that ‘flashy’ stigma has been dropped and it oozes sophistication. So, how do you go about wearing a striped suit? The rules are fairly simple; just make sure you wear a plain shirt – or more importantly, don’t wear a striped shirt. If you’re instant on taking your style to the next level, why not try a gingham shirt or a statement tie? Polkadot ties can work well!

Plaid Suits

Pulling off a plaid suit can be a difficult feat – but it can be done! The most notable celebrity plaid wearer is Eddie Redmayne – his quirky style pulls it off fantastically well. But, how does he do it? Firstly, this pattern is primarily reserved for winter wear. The fabric is thicker than its striped counterparts, so bear that in mind when selecting your suit fabric. Dependent on where you work, it could be appropriate for the office. Keep everything else simple; try a plain white shirt, and, if you do want to go all out, try wearing coloured socks as Eddie Redmayne has here…

Hopefully this has given you a bit of confidence to try a patterned suit, with some ideas on how to go about it. Of course, we would advise you on how to go about your look and offer some different options to try on, should you wish you come into store. Trying a patterned suit is certainly out of a lot of people’s comfort zones, but give it a go – you may just find your style!


Sophie-Nicol Dodds