This week, we caught up with one of McCann Bespoke’s tailors, Alex Katseph, who talked us through the key trends for Spring/Summer Weddings in 2016.

As a groom, choosing a suit can be a big decision, there are so many questions to consider; what time of the year will it be? What are the bridesmaids wearing? What are the colour themes of the wedding? What is your usual style? Do you want to divert away from your usual style? The list is endless.

Ultimately, it’s your choice; you can use your special day to make a fashion statement or enhance your current style. This blog post should give you some tips on what is in fashion at the moment – whether you choose to stick to it is up to you! If you’d like to hear more ideas on how best to style your wedding, we’re always available on 020 7186 0320. You can also gain more inspiration from previous weddings we’ve worked on by clicking here.

So, here are Alex’s top tips to look wedding-ready this year.

Light, Bright Blues

We’ve seen a huge increase in people going for lighter, brighter blues. 2015 was a year for the blues – but we were seeing a lot of navy and dark blue suits ordered. This year, we’re seeing a sharp increase in lighter blues. We’re finding that people are more receptive to a contrasting waistcoat (grey looks fantastic!), but more on that later. The contrasting waistcoat goes amazingly with a brighter blue suit. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not talking baby blue, but a slightly brighter blue can be great for summer months.

How do you wear this trend? Brown shoes look great with blue suits – it’s interesting to note that brogues are making a comeback in wedding circles, especially as we approach summer. The brogue is synonymous with a rustic, barn-like wedding and as these weddings are super-popular at the moment, we’re seeing a rise in brogues!

Check out our blue suit inspiration Pinterest board by clicking here.

The Contrasting Waistcoat

We love this trend and we’re really pleased to see it’s increasing in popularity for 2016. We saw a huge rise in waistcoats for weddings in 2014/15, but now, we’re taking wedding fashion to the next level. A contrasting waistcoat can look cool, slick and a little bit alternative without going all-out crazy for your big day. The most popular colour for us is grey, but you can make a lot of colours work for it.

This can fit into your wedding outfit in quite a simple, understated way – it’s also something you can play about with, perhaps you could wear a blue jacket with a grey waistcoat whilst your ushers wear the opposite? This gives you a bit of individuality if you’re not feeling that brave about going off the beaten track.

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Wide Lapels

Single breasted lapels have been and will continue to be the most popular choice for wedding suits. However, we have seen a bit of a shift in the type of lapel that our grooms are opting for. For a long time, the thin lapel symbolised the modernisation of the wedding suit – the thinner fit suited a thinner lapel. This is starting to change; the slim fit suit looks great with large lapels and the fashion-conscious male is starting to realise that.

We’ve put together a selection of wide lapel inspiration to get you thinking on Pinterest. Take a look by clicking here.

Double Breasted Waistcoat

It’s interesting to note the the SS16 wedding trends are a bit of a throwback to times gone by. As well as the introduction of wide lapels, the double breasted waistcoat is also making a comeback. The double breasted waistcoat is a lesson in history from 1930s tailoring (usually paired with very high-waisted trousers!) – lucky for us, the SS16 trend doesn’t require them.

Again, this is a style that doesn’t require a personal fashion re-brand. You can add it to your current look for a special addition to your wedding day suit.

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Sophie-Nicol Dodds