To mark our Season of Sport and to celebrate the start of the Ashes, McCann’s have taken a look at the most fashionable cricket players of all time and have lovingly crafted a list, in our opinion, of the best dressed players who we think rule the game.  You may even notice that some of our list even features a few of our Ambassadors, though obviously we aren’t biased!

Hopefully we’ve put together a list that really shows the cricketers with the strongest fashionable suit game. The qualities we have looked for are as follows:

Shape/Style – It’s important to look at shape when suits are concerned. Particularly with some of our latest England team players and their specific heights. We at McCann’s think that often the most stylish man is the most simply dressed.

Confidence – It’s also about having confidence in the way sportman wear their clothes. Confidence is something that oozes out of a lot of sports personalities.

Swagger – It’s all about attitude. The best looks are the ones which look like they have just been thrown on but automatically look good because the suit are well cut, well made and well pressed. That laid-back feeling of the likes of Steve McQueen is the aim.

If you are looking to emulate the three points above, we would suggest a simple navy blazer with a white button down shirt  and a grey suit to help you create the polished look.

It is also good to remember that it isn’t always just about the suits. The smaller touches count too. Even on the cricket pitch we see the boys specific style coming through, with the way they style and wear their sports gear: the pullovers, the hats, buttoned or unbuttoned, jewellery, layering of tshirts/polos etc. It’s these little touches that make them stand out in the style stakes.

Now lets take a look at the players! In no particular order:


Stuart Broad who plays for England has been a client of ours since 2012 and we recently even suited and booted his father, a previous cricketer for his wedding this year.

The world has seen him from a teenager striding into his 30’s and keeping very dapper at that. Opting for grey hues, he can do every occasion perfectly, even pulling of a double-breasted suit, which can often be associated with an older audience.

Knowing when to combine the casual jacket with jeans and the knitwear is also key as shown above. The tux was made by us in which we worked with Stuart to pick the elements he wanted for the occasion, such as the wider peaked lapel in satin and the low cutting waistcoat.


Steven Finn is great for his off duty casual cool sports looks, but when dressed in evening attire, he knows how to do it. He has been a client of ours since 2010 and we have often decked him out with dinner suits and 2 piece suits. Especially with his very tall physique it’s important to tailor to that appropriately, to keep the design still looking crisp. We have also recently just dressed him for fellow teammate Jos Buttler’s Wedding in the full morning coat suit attire, along Chris Woakes and other fellow cricketers.


Kumar is one of our best clients, he has bought many a garment from us over the years and we often end up with stacks of his clothes ready for him to try on in our storage wardrobe department. He’s a Sri Lankan player and has played for Surrey at the Oval until he retired in 2015. Forever looking the dapper, well put together chap in many a 2-piece suit and often keeps his style classy. He opts for beige, browns and navy’s with us and if you wish to copy his style, his most recent purchase is a beautiful light brown almost tweed like cashmere from Loro Piana casual jacket. Check out our instagram for updates on new orders to the shop!



Jason is a South African England Cricketer for who also plays for Surrey. He’s a recent client of ours and we’ve in fact just done all the suits for his wedding groomsmen. Also as we are now in partnership with Surrey Cricket club, we fitted him and all his teammates for the new club blazers.  In terms of style, he’s more for the brighter different coloured hues when it comes to his suits. Particularly in the burgundy number in which a very similar suit was sported by our very own tailor Alex Katseph.


Jos Buttler is another one of our clients who we have recently just made morning coat attire for him and his wedding party, which included fellow cricketers including Steven Finn and Chris Woakes. He opted for all to have their own different coloured waistcoats with traditional dress. Quite a simple but effective dresser combined with his good looks can pull off the subtle suits with the bold accessories. He plays for Lancashire and England however sadly didn’t make it onto this year’s Ashes in Australia.

Sophie-Nicol Dodds