Today we are taking a quick look at casual suiting.

A common thought these days is that a suit is either formal or business smart. But it doesn’t need to be. For many years suits were everyday dress, there was no other alternative. Therefore not all suits need to worn at a wedding or an office.

When choosing cloth for a casual suit, think of a slightly more playful, subtle design, that perhaps has a worn in quality to it, like flannel. Here I have chosen a dark green/teal subtle stripe.

When choosing buttons for a casual suit I’d suggest staying away from mother of pearl or plain black buttons. Plain black suggests the office, and mother of pearl suggests luxury. Buttons are a great way to personalise your suit and design your suit, therefore always remember to ask if there is a button chart to see in a consultation as there will be other options available than the standard. Here I have chosen a marbled brown horn, which the brown with the cloth colour off-set each other to become a great piece.

The lining here is a dull, light grey/green cloth, you don’t want to draw too much attention, particularly if wearing the vest without the jacket, you want the back to look garish. Three pieces can still be seen as a casual look. You can make it slightly more contemporary with a three piece by wearing a simple thicker cotton white shirt with a slight texture with no tie and top button done up. It will give a slight countryside charm addition to the look.

Let us know if you’d like a look created for a specific idea you’ve been thinking about and we can help you visualise it before it becomes the real thing!

Sophie-Nicol Dodds