We have just had the mass shows of London Fashion week flurry past us, and its now to look at how tailoring is a big trend this season. Tailoring is obviously a classic that is worn and worn, but each season it’s slightly updated and changed to make it more relevant. We may only do men’s tailoring at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us from looking at some of the possible tailoring trends, street style and inspiration that anyone can incorporate into their wardrobe. Especially as we are a London based tailors, so we feel at McCann’s its important to keep in touch with all things London and Fashion.

Why not get inspiration from the street; they are many a great street style blogs, and the shows bring together a hybrid of people that if you look carefully an influx of tailoring is out there. Here at McCann’s we will be getting to the streets and seeing some our most favourite ‘McCann Type’ looks, on our social media pages, so keep checking and get informed!

Clothes are becoming more genderless and more androgynous; there are things we can take from both sides of fashion genders. Even if we can’t take bespoke shapes from the other gender we can take colour schemes, patterns, and mirror them into our outfits.

To take a quick look at how some designers are branding men and womenswear we can see Daks, as seen above. Which this season, they went for a very strong English archetype, almost Royale Regatta look. They have bold jacket shapes but a muted colour scheme, they showing how to wear white in a stylish way, especially with the dark leather brogues or even to mirror your other half in a way that would actually work. These pairings are all about keeping it simple and focusing on the jacket shape above all else. They make for perfect smart/casual looks and a way to work on perfecting your non-matching suit look.

If your feeling inspired and wanting that Bespoke service ready for the new year, then you’ve got plenty of time to get at it, and come to us to talk about the trends you’ve seen and want to emulate, if this English quintessential look spoke to you, something more subtle or even more outlandish.

A top trend this season is 80’s power dressing, take Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl for reference for example, therefore what better era to look at for menswear around the city. The powerful shapes have been re-worked in paler hues for a challenging work-wear look. Or even if you’re about that casual working, use the power dressing in a different way to make certain statements about how you work. Bring them up date; why not choose to pair them with some trainers, or funky socks of the season.

It’s definitely all about the colours of your suit this season. To leave on a great note, below was a keen favourite in teal colour. This styled with the model having a shaved head, certainly shows how anything can worn, don’t just think of this as a woman’s suit, this could definitely be seen on a man around the city, its subtle, yet powerful to wear walking into a meeting.

Sophie-Nicol Dodds