Grey Fox Blog teamed up with Woven in the Bone to create some beautiful tweed fabric from the Hebrides for a project on creating a truly British product. A suit made from British Wool produced from British Sheep, hand woven and created in the UK.

We met her back in July after the suit was produced and spoke to her about how she got to be where she is today, how the cloths are produced and what she gets up to on Savile Row.

We believe that craft is truly important, and more and more now it’s becoming a truly recognised and need to be acknowledged discussion.

A bespoke suit in itself is something that exercises craft, skill, handmade qualities, expertise and the experimental. Its something that mostly one man would get once in his life and cherish. This being said, it’s therefore the new generation to get started on; in terms of making that first purchase, the young training under the grand masters of the trade to keep the craft alive and passing it on through the generations. Craft is especially strong in London, with influences of handmade items with London Craft Week, London Design Week and recently Frieze Art Fair. Particularly in our disposable society of short-term purchases there seems to be an appeal for handmade items intended for keepsakes and stop the incessant nature of buying and returning things that don’t fit properly online.

People can tend to undervalue craft and over-value price. Particularly with designers people expect superb quality for the price they are paying but that’s often not the case. Or it can work the opposite way, people don’t understand the high cost of something that is hand crafted, and the amount of hours and skill put in.

Even with the social media generation, people are more and more interested in how things are made, and with these easy access mediums we can truly see how a product has been made and who they’ve been made by. Which is why this project with Woven in the Bone worked so well and was of keen interest. She truly uses her platforms to show her skill through photos and videos of her hand weaving looming techniques and where they end up across her social media. A lot of the time with British manufacturing, tradition is where the point lies and its trying to bring it up to date in the modern world with the design of it to appropriate to the new age.

Sam is the sole creator of Woven in the Bone. Having previously worked in interior design in Australia for 20 years where she focused on Merino and fine worsted wools her now main focus in tweeds. The business is now four years old and she has three looms in her studio in Scotland, which is where she is original from. It is only her that weaves the fabric, and now her business is expanding she has a technician to thread up the looms so she can work on weaving 3 looms at a time. The looms themselves are Victorian and sourced from the Hebrides, which are called Hattersley, she spoke of the local community there, who are small knit close group and would often help her out with breakages.

Savile Row is slowly catching onto her amazing cloths, in which she offers her own set pattern options or bespoke designs for specific clients. The cloths are in a fabulous colour palette in complementing hues, which we now hold a stock swatch folder of her works in our shop for any aspiring tweed suitors!

Therefore when Grey Fox Blog came to us asking for this specific bespoke order using Woven in the Bone fabric we were very pleased and excited. On our website you’ll be able to see our different grades of tailoring, as shown below in which David opted for our fully bespoke option which has the highest hand work with all traditional tailoring qualities, to ensure the best possible fit. Our tailors Neil and Alex worked closely with Grey Fox Blog to achieve the specific style he wished for, in terms of lapels, pockets and opening. The simple siloutte emphasises his slim physicque and maintains the focus on the beautiful cloth.


We always try to offer the customer a level service to demonstrate our skill at giving them exactly what imagined. As a company we are building and maintaining our brand, and we realise more and more that it’s the storytelling of a brand and a story about the product on the person, whether that’s a blogger, a city banker, a sportsman or a passer by on the street; that is what interests people on the street and online.

Therefore helping our clients create often difficult or unusual purchases, to use whatever cloth they bring us. The gentleman below brought us this cloth from India, that is 37 years old, its raw hand-woven silk. He told us, that it had taken him this long to find a tailor’s that had been willing to make it up for him, he had been turned away numerous times. For the loose weave of the structure of the fabric, does make moulding to the body and working with the canvas much harder to lay flat, however we were not going to turn him away again.

By having these kinds of relationships and unique projects with clients you’re telling a story about what makes a garment valuable to the outside world and its owner, rather than just showing a suit for its value in the most expensive cloth, we believe its about showing what a company can do for you.

Sophie-Nicol Dodds