At McCann’s we are on a mission to show people that we don’t only just deal in suits. Most recently our blog posts have been about the casual suit and how to mix it up, and what better way to do that through garments below the waist. They are a way to make smart casual real. Trousers in all shapes and forms are where we lie; bespoke jeans, chinos and golf trousers.

We’ll talk you through each of the garments, starting with our bespoke jean service.  Jeans can be difficult in many ways to find and fit for both genders, particularly on the high street. It becomes a chore of a shop instead of an enjoyment. You might have had a pair that you’ve loved and worn dearly and have worn to death yet can’t find again. We know your pain. With jeans being an everyday item you want them to last. Whether they are just for the weekends and evenings or for work with a shirt and jacket. You want them to fit well and look good without saying too much of a statement.

With our bespoke jeans they are made from Japanese denim that are finished and made by hand in Turkey. You can choose from a range of different styles from slim fit, relaxed, regular, boot cut etc. and be advised on a style you feel comfortable in and confident in. It’s also important to think about the rise when choosing your jean style, in terms of high, medium and low but a professional can advise appropriately on this. Unlike on the high street, you will get the full-bespoke experience the same as we treat our suit clients; you will be measured to create a specific pattern for your shape to get that perfect fitting pair of jeans you can throw on for any occasion.

You can see how easily a good pair of jeans can look great with a smart casual jacket and shirt or even a casual smart jacket and knitwear, it keeps you remaining smart and well put together but in an effortless way.

We are fit-focused here and as we work with many current and retired sportsmen of all shapes and sizes its particularly helpful to get a bespoke pair of jeans that can work with taller shapes/bigger thighs, more muscle, leaner muscle etc. and that means you can choose how you’d like the fabric to hang for your    shape.

And it doesn’t stop there; don’t forget about the wash of your jeans. Ever find a jean style that you like but the colour wash isn’t what you want? Colour choice isn’t just saved for our golf trousers and chinos; you can also choose the type of denim wash you would like, from pale to dark. 

Next onto our chino/casual trouser service, we’d say chinos are more of a stylistic choice, fit is still important and you will still receive the same bespoke measured service. However they are a more customised version than what you can get elsewhere; you can fully design every element. From buttons, trims to colour, to fit, depending on what you want them for.

We view chinos as we see our jeans, just a slightly smarter version.  Something to add to your wardrobe to switch you from casual to smart; wear with a plain t-shirt by itself, or a shirt with no tie, the possibilities lend them to every occasion.  Mostly our clients get chinos for smart casual work attire in colours of navy and beiges etc. But if you’re interested in something for the weekend or something more specific then we can design to your needs.

Our Bespoke Golf Trousers offer you the highest level of personal choice and design. You can choose any colour and we even offer an array of patterns to suit you. People tend to go with a smarter, more mainstream look in subtle colours, but for the more expressive person why not go for a bolder choice of colour like an orange in true Rickie Fowler fashion! You can even carry on the look in full golf sprit with a gingham check or a tartan to combine with your plain polo shirts and hats for a multitude of looks on the course.

You can personalise your trousers with embroidered initials and we’ve even thought about your golf game by designing a slit at the bottom of the trousers to ensure they sit over the shoe better for ease of movement and for stylistic purposes. This allows for a bit more movement and therefore more comfort when you are wearing. We also offer different materials to choose from depending on the street you want in the trousers.

The details you can go to town on designing, for example: pocket positioning, internal trim options, piping, buttons, stitch colour, various belt loops etc. The list can go on and on and is very extensive and what it would cover for each person would be very different. But that is the beauty the client, you, can get whatever you want. Make sure to check out our pinterest for more ideas:

See below for inspiration from the main guys playing:

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    Some ideas of the different top types you can get for your trousers

Some ideas of the different top types you can get for your trousers

Here Rory Mcilroy, who in our opinion has a great bold and subtle style on the pitch, demonstrates how even a patterned trouser but in a more neutral colour can then be worn with a brighter bolder upper half. And again below with the pale yellow trousers that you may think would never work, he dresses down the rest of the look with a navy shirt and hat to keep it remaining effortless cool.


We currently only offer our Trousers Apparel service in-store. If you’d like to create your own pair of perfectly fitting golf trousers to make your playing as comfortable and stylish as possible, why not book an appointment through our website at one of our locations that suits you.

Sophie-Nicol Dodds