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McCann is among the most distinctive of contemporary London tailors. We combine modern-day sensibilities with the classic virtues of the tailor’s art. We help every client express their personality and sense of style through carefully-chosen fabrics and cuts, all brought to life through sublime craftsmanship. We’re all about getting to know you – your tastes, your preferences and the demands of your world. Only then can we create the personal look and feel that lets you consistently present your best, most authentic self.




Neil McCann has continued to build an impressive list of clientele from across the globe. From sporting royalty to the world of business, they remain an intrinsic part of the brand.



You’ll be struck by the company we keep. Footballers, cricketers, rock stars – all like hanging out with us, and hanging out in our clothes. Click below to see a list of our ambassadors.



We offer a first-class bespoke service and style consultation for weddings, providing tailored advice for individuals or groups, built upon your specific requirements.



Our instagram is the best way to generate inspiration directly to our clients. You will see our everyday happenings in and out of the shop environment; from staff looks and mannequin shots to fittings at football clubs its all there for you browse and to see what McCann Bespoke London is truly about.


Our clients are important to us, and we strive to always be welcoming and around for you. There’s no stuffiness or deference here. Drop in and see us whenever you’re passing.

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237 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8EH

Tel: 020 7186 0320  |  Email: