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Linen Care Guide

As the warmth of summer envelops us, it’s time to embrace the elegance of linen and elevate your seasonal wardrobe. At McCann Bespoke, we’re delighted to present our Linen Care Guide to ensure your bespoke linen pieces, whether they be blue linen shirts or green linen jackets, retain their impeccable charm throughout the season.

Linen, renowned for its breathability and luxurious fabrics, embodies the essence of summer sophistication. To maintain the pristine condition of your linen garments, we recommend the following care tips:

  • Gentle Washing: Hand wash or machine wash your linen pieces using a mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals that may damage the fabric’s fibers.
  • Cool Water Rinse: After washing, rinse your linen garments thoroughly with cool water to remove any residual detergent.
  • Air Dry: Lay your linen pieces flat to air dry in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. Avoid using a dryer, as high heat can cause shrinkage and wrinkles.
  • Gentle Ironing: For a crisp finish, iron your linen garments while they’re still slightly damp. Use a low to medium heat setting and steam to remove wrinkles, ensuring the fabric retains its natural texture.
  • Storage: Store your linen pieces in a breathable garment bag or closet to protect them from dust and moisture. Avoid hanging linen garments for extended periods to prevent stretching.

With proper care and attention, your bespoke linen ensembles from McCann Bespoke will continue to exude effortless style and sophistication throughout the summer months.

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